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Sunrise Credit Consulting is a leading bonded credit repair, education and credit management consulting company, with over 5 years of experience in the credit repair business. Our goal is to help repair and properly educate our clients on how to fix their credit.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a very negative credit score or if you're just trying to rebuild from bad credit. At Sunrise Credit Consulting, we'll deliver practical solutions and insights to help you overcome your financial challenges, so you can realize your dreams.

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Our Mission

At Sunrise Credit Consulting, our mission is to help our clients maximize their full purchasing power by improving their credit scores and optimizing their credit profile. We aim to help you understand your credit report and scores, to enable you to make wise credit decisions.

Sunrise Credit Consulting has the experience to handle all customers, in a personalized manner.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide you with a reliable credit repair service, one designed to foster consumer education on budgeting, money management and the responsible use of readily available credit.

You are invited to come work with us so we can help you, just as we have also helped hundreds of other clients, to overcome their financial challenges. Our free consultation is aimed at identifying your individual financial needs and determining the best action plan to help repair your credit and get you out of debt. We pride ourselves in helping you create the best debt-relief program, to guide you through every step of the way towards financial freedom.

At Sunrise Credit Consulting, we have a formidable team with extensive industry expertise, who approach and treat clients with the respect they deserve. Our team works diligently on building lasting business partnerships and strong relationships, all while listening and responding to our clients' needs.

Having bad credit means higher interest rates on loans and higher insurance premiums, all of which continues to add up over the years. Don’t let bad credit hold you back from achieving your major financial goals. Let Sunrise Credit Consulting be the solution to your credit problems.

Benefits of Our Services

• Access to experts with years of proven results.

• We provide on time results.

• We offer a "per item deleted" fee schedule.

• Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

• We offer free credit evaluations.

• We provide permanent result.

We work quickly and efficiently, through one-on-one credit counseling, to establish a better foundation for your financial future. You can rest assured knowing that your credit is in good, capable hands. Sunrise Credit Consulting works constantly to repair, manage and improve our client's credit scores. For many years now, we have helped hundreds of clients better their lives by elevating their credit scores with credit repair. This has enabled clients to purchase better homes, newer cars and to even start or expand their own businesses, with substantially lower interest rates.

We understand that credit repair may not be rocket science, but it does require an expert credit repair professional who knows the rules and what it takes to fix your unique credit situation. Sunrise Credit Consulting will repair and fix your credit, just like we've done for hundreds of our other clients.

So, what are you waiting for? Take the first step today by calling our credit experts for a free consultation.